A Closet Fan’s Exposé: Part II

Artwork by @miuruu2

WARNING: The content of this blogpost might be an out-of-body experience IF we know each other personally (e.g. friend). I am of course beyond aware of the possible while-and-after reactions and feedbacks that may bob to the surface of your brain the moment you read this blogpost. Be that as it may, this is a closet fan exposing everything (after giving it a lot of thoughts) despite the unending hesitations and doubts whispered on both sides of her ears.

I do hope that after you read the whole thing, you won’t let it float on the top of your head. Just let it sink deep deep down inside. Don’t worry, I’m still me. But if you value your anatomy, hold still and read this while keeping yourself from executing any violent reactions. Lego spill the beans!

Never in my wildest (or tamest) dream did I expect that I will be sharing a portion of my limited time here on earth supporting this loveteam. Not to mention I am an enthusiast when it comes Korean culture and stuffs and most people who know me are under the impression that I am a crazily-devoted-die-hard Kpop fan who doesn’t really invest her time in our country’s showbiz industry (sorry about that). But I guess the world decided to flip around and I am finally caught as if emneshed by a net cleverly set up for me to be rooting for a loveteam called DonKiss.


Before you make your verdict people of the court (world full of judgmental people)! Let me tell you why I boarded to this ship. I just feel the need to explain myself, that’s why. After all, this is one reason why I make blogs – to tell my story.

IMG_20180622_133327At the beginning, they were just two separate souls leading different lives in every tick of the clock. As far as I know, both were just individuals I’ve learned to love and look up to. No connections. No links. Just Donny. Just Kisses. But little did I know, one common denominator between them was already starting to hook me – interlocking and looping the thread little by little – and that was them being inspirational to everybody. I have so much inspirations which gave color to my life, yes, but these two inspired me exactly the same way: their desire to enlighten the youth, the sense of their words – they just have these undeniable similarities which I haven’t decided to notice back then. I mean they were like two worlds apart from the start! Who would’ve thought that the thread will keep on crisscrossing in all directions, woven into a connection formed right in front of me? That was basically the start.

We all get kilig in a loveteam, right? Who wouldn’t? But kilig aside, my reasons are way beyond that. I have to say this ship is sailing smoothly than the rest of the ships I am in because there’s something that sets them apart from others. It’s not just about the kilig, the typical factor why ships are possible, but it’s the deeper things that made me stay. And you’re about to read them below just in case you haven’t rubbed your eyes yet or opened your mouth widely enough to be used as a gateway for flies.



These two share a lot of similar values. It’s like they’re the other version of each other. First and foremost, both are family-oriented. They are what they are right now because of their parents’ influence and how they were molded as they grew up. Love and care were sprinkled on their heads and they etched it inside their hearts which is why they are able to keep their feet on the ground even with the fame they are wearing and the attention they are getting these days. They are even more blessed to have parents that would go with them along the way, like LITERALLY – on tapings, mall shows, events and so forth. In fact, this weaved closeness to both families which will offer you instant kilig you didn’t even ask from the start. Looks like the thread is having fun interlacing them together.



Source: @TWBAofficial

Make way for the next king and queen of interviews! Who knows? I’ve watched a lot of their guestings and interviews, may it be on youtube or television, and all I can say is: Wow. You won’t fail to find sense in everything they say. I could even spend a day just listening to them without getting rotten in the corner. What more when they are together in an interview (e.g. Walwal press conference). I must say you’ll enjoy their banters and relish the way they finish each other’s sentences. Not to mention their expertise in segues if  being teased by their colleagues hoho!



They are so much passionate with their work at a young age. It is evident just by looking at their faces. Packing up when the night is old or waking up at dawn? I think it won’t stress them anymore because they find pure joy in their work. Oh! Is ‘work’ even fit to be used as a term ’cause they’re merely enjoying everything no matter how draining their schedules could get them. Let me take this chance to commend Donny for sparing his studies from oblivion! It’s not easy to juggle work and studies at the same time but he’s doing really great. As for Kisses, I am impressed how she doesn’t let every opportunity slide in any possible platforms she could use to plug and promote her projects. It’s her way of showing gratefulness to the blessings lavished upon her. All in all, they show dedication to their work as what we should be doing to our studies (hopefully).


Source: Kissables Vlog Squad (DonKiss 1st Anniversary)

Who would forget God? Well, some. But scratch their names out from that list of ‘some’. They live in the same philosophy and that is to bring back glory to God who gave them every single thing in this world. Again, as Kisses said, “Everything you do, you do it for God and all for the glory of Him.” In short, “Glory is all His” ☞ Donny’s bio on Twitter.


Artwork by @miuruu2

I am a proud Melody (BtoB’s fandom) and I’ve been shouting this for a million times. Not because I am biased with BtoB (well that’s one reason, I admit) but because of the fans who proved my stereotypical thinking wrong: ’cause I thought everybody’s a war freak (of course you can’t totally question my thinking as my fangirling mode has always been switched on and believe me, I HATE FAN WARS which is something I’ve witnessed a lot). But with Melody, I found peace and serenity at its best (wuw) and for the second time, DonKiss proved the same thing.

The people behind this fandom are positive, classy, witty, calm, disciplined, kind, humble, patient, loving, respectful,  and faithful. I ran out of superlatives but I could continue this list for years. This is indisputable. Why? Simply because the golden rule in this fandom is to support Donny and Kisses the way they wanted to be supported. And again, I swear on the River Styx that I am not being biased right here in view of the fact that this is what I’ve perceived even before I officially supported them. Go and ask other fandoms and they’ll say the same [except, of course, to those who are driven with grudge (?) and hate]. The words even came out from the mouth of Kisses that “DonKiss are one of the kindest supporters” agreed by Donny. *winks*



Now! Okay let’s talk about chemistry. This is the cutest part, though (I am fond of cute things so that’s prolly why I love shipping them). You’ll be wowed by the progress of this pair. They started from Obvious-and-Funny Awkward Interactions to Slowly Getting The Cool to Starting To Get Comfortable. It’s just now that their status is updated to No Awkwardness At All! The thing is, skinship or being touchy is not any of the prerequisites to feel spark between them. No prerequisites at all, actually. Everything’s just natural. Not forced. Not showbiz. Just natural.  Skinship? Nah. Touchy? Nah. Clingy? Nah. They’re not yet on that stage but gorblimey, they are shining in the eyes of many people already, enough to incinerate you into ashes. I’m giving you the freedom to think of this as an exaggeration. But this isn’t. Took me a lot of nerves to finish this blog but finally summoned my courage to wrap up after seeing all of these things happening in just one day:




For promotion? Nah. I’ve seen how Donny protected Kisses indirectly a lot of times. It’s just now that he did something like this, with the whole Pangilinan doing the same, and shook my whole being. I don’t know what face did I paint on you as of now with this whole revelation thing (might’ve caused your insides to do a somersault) but let me just tell you one thing about me. I do not easily ship Filipino loveteams. I also thought everything’s just a drive of showbiz. But knowing everything (but not really everything, of course) about this ship gave me assurance. I’ve seen things behind the camera. I’ve heard them. I felt sincerity. I know something – and all of these are enough to make me believe.


Now what do I want to tell you? If you’re a closet fan, well, there’s nothing wrong about it. But would you spend your whole life lurking behind the curtains? Why? It’s not a crime to fangirl/fanboy over something (unless you go overboard). I understand if you’re anxious of what others might say. But hey, I hope you won’t sleep and wake up cowering over the same thing again and again. Are you afraid they’ll find you weird? Better weird than boring, actually. The door is right in front of you, waiting to be opened. Knock knock! When are you gonna get out of the closet?

Featured image: Fanart by @Thea3458
Again, credits to the other photos I used. I kept on saving them that I didn’t get to take note of the sources.

3 thoughts on “A Closet Fan’s Exposé: Part II

  1. I agree with everything u wrote here. im happy that ure finally out of your closet. thx for trusting me w this (little) secret (kind of) haha. i hope for the best for donkiss & for u! 💖 & pls sleep on time now 😂

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