A Fangirl’s Note

It has always been a part of my life, fangirling. I must say this is already hardwired in my system ever since I was conceived in the womb of my mum AND HEY this is something you can’t take away from me so easily. Try taking it and we’ll see each other in a battlefield! Fancy a taste of my obliviating smack? Or an exclusive bath in a fiendfyre? Maybe a free ticket to Tartarus? Plus you’ll be chopped like Kronos without charge! For more information please scroll down below.

Obliviate (v.) also known as Forgetfulness Charm; a spell to wipe someone’s memory.
Fiendfyre (n.) is a bewitched flame of abnormal size and heat that could crumble fairly substantial objects to soot at a mere touch.
Since I haven’t been to Tartarus, I’m not really sure what it looks like but Percy and Annabeth told me this place could drive you mad. *wink*

HA! Still want to take it huh? If not, then I still have two good options for the sake of your life:
a.) Do not dare ruin my mood; or
b.) Join me!

Anyway, so much for that! Imma get to the point before you buzz off. I’ve been used to the norms of fangirling, the common occurrence in the real world and in the virtual world. You can’t deny that you’ll become an expert (sort of) if you are always exposed to these kind of things in a long time. But there’s just one thing I want to carve in the minds of fans because (1) this is what they tend to forget or (2) maybe overlook or (3) prolly they just ignore this very crucial part in fanaticizingLIMITATIONS. So right here, I’m gonna sew their brain with these words. Maybe this is the only way for them to not forget their limitations. Who knows?


1.  Stars have their own lives before the limelight 

Top spot on my list! Sadly, it’s not a trendy thought to many fans. It’s not a breaking news to know that fans could go crazy with the celebrities they’re rooting for. It doesn’t matter if that person has the visuals or not. What matters is the impression that person left to the fans. Unknowingly, they leave a trail where fans can follow along the way, the trails of their past even. Here’s a tip: you can regularly check the sanity of a fan by measuring his knowledge about the celebrity. If that person is a walking wikipedia, gorblimey! You should give that person a degree and pronounce him as summa cum laude! BUT! There’s a but, yes. Fans could go overboard. To the extent that they seem to want to dictate that person’s decisions. That’s mainly why some would become abominable especially on social media. Some would turn into haters, some would even leave a fandom, some would inflict pain not just to the artist but to those people who are involved as well – even worse if they’ll start to involve parents and family. Are we even worthy to be called fans if we’ll reach to this point? Let’s give it a little more comprehension, darling.

2. They own their feelings and decisions after all

This is sort of continuation with the first one, difference is the specificity this time. Who wouldn’t be swayed if you’re rooting for someone who’s handsome/pretty? I’ve known a lot of fans who set their ideal types based on what they’ve seen on their favorite artist. The reason behind the high standards of some people (e.g. me) is this, I tell you and yes, I am guilty. As far as I know, this is also one reason why some fans would go mope around if rumors in talaria regarding a celebrity’s relationship with someone start flying like a feeling-butterfly-when-soaring cockroach. How much more if it’s confirmed? Well, it’s not even a question anymore. Usual case – BASHING! Can I just take a deep sigh? I was once told by a co-fan that things like this can’t be easily controlled because, according to her observation, ‘Some fans are becoming unconsciously possessive. Some also are so much absorbed by fictional stories that an idea of them and the artist to end up would start to form in their minds.’ I’ve pondered about that and realized it’s true. There’s nothing really wrong to have this kind of desire. It’d be wrong if you’ll give in to your delusions. Let’s at least stop ourselves from being mean and dreadful with our opinions and thoughts. As fans, we should be ready to support them at all times no matter what the future holds. If we can do that, then it’s cool to scratch toxicity in our lives.

3. There’s a real world out there!

Oh well, we are still in the real world even when we are going crazy with celebrities. Our bodies aren’t abducted to another world, our minds are! We could even be alienated because of this.  Let’s just be consistent to make a wish at 11:11 that the earth won’t disown us. Sometimes (or maybe most of the time), we are caught up with the exciting things that we often forget to sort out our priorities and the people who are physically with us. Instead of feeling their presence, we unwittingly ignore the fact that they are there. This happened to me countless of times and trust me, I felt so unproductive in spite of my enthusiasm in front of the phone/laptop. I mean, I always get inspiration from the celebrities that I support but at the same time, I feel bad for the people around me because I realize that I’m starting to isolate myself which is pretty scary ’cause I know it’s not right. So as much as possible, I try to keep everything in control. You should too!

4. Peace, prosperity and love for all mankind

As of now, the path is still blurry if we’re gonna talk about this. Unending arguments, insults, belittling – they’re all still visible between fandoms. It’s a 20/20 vision. It’d be like re-enacting a world war – or are we starting another one? But this time around, the world is the social media, armors are gadgets, our fingers are the weapons, and words our bullets. Your body will be free from wounds. As for your heart, I’m not sure. ‘Cause the attack is not physical but emotional. It’s even easier because one can hide behind a different profile. Looks like one should equip himself to be emotionally ready at all times to be the last man standing. It’s sad though, knowing that numbers of people who are mostly strangers to one another are becoming enemies even without passing through the stage of friendship. We can reach the world in the tip of our fingers but it doesn’t give us the license to destroy one another. Pin that!

5. Pitting here and there and there and here

We can’t avoid comparing people. It’s a natural occurrence for all of us. We are humans after all, aren’t we? We have the freedom to observe and pass our own judgments BUT! There’s another but: it’s not a valid excuse to pit someone to someone by pointing out flaws and speaking ill without giving the benefit of forethought. It would be a toxic kind of love. It’s not a healthy fangirling life, I tell you. Tell me if you wanna fish for healthy tips and maybe I’ll make a blog about that. It is inevitable to be biased even if we deny it with all might. And with all honesty, it’s tiring to hear the words ‘not to be biased’ because we’re not anymore sure as to how the world really works. It’s either that person is telling the truth or is using that last resort of statement to be safe. Let us just accept that we are all different and we all live according to our own purposes. If only it’s easy to absorb that fact, there will be a great  great probability to live happily ever after in this fallen world.


So that ends my note. It’s quite long, isn’t it? I admit I’ve also done those stupid things while my fangirling mode is on especially when this brat in me is boiling to the highest degree. But let me tell you this: I was only able to realize these things when I got to know someone. Let’s call her X. She taught me kindness, positivity and a lot of good things. And this baby blogger learned, thanks to her! Does this stir the turmoil within you? Stay tuned for my next blogpost! I still have a limitless supply of rabbits in my hat *wink wink*


Do you think you have a healthy fangirling (/boying) life? Share me your thoughts in the comment section and click the eensy-weensy star below if you like this blogpost. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “A Fangirl’s Note

  1. Thank you so much for the support, Arghya! I’m glad you like it. I miss talking with you guys! Gotta catch up with you soon. There’s just something I needed to get done. Send my love to the rest of the fam 💖


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