Blogpost #3: An Appreciation Post To My First Love REVEALED (ft. Moriarty)

I’ve been trying to articulate my feelings into words for these past few days. My mind has been chewing over and over on what to write next because the excitement in me is pulling the strings of my fingers to write another one. So yeah I decided to write and write and write but I ended up saving a lot of drafts – drafts I couldn’t get to finish, clogged in the unknown cos there’s something that’s holding me back and – sorry to use this last resort of statement when I really can’t pinpoint something but – I really don’t know. The only thing I know is that it roots from deep within which I cannot identify even if I exchange brain cells with a smart cookie. Until…

Yesterday, I decided to watch television to pass the time which is something I don’t usually do. Only then I come to realize what has been calling out to me – shaking my brain cells, poking out my eyeballs, pinching my earlobe to get my attention and here i am being deaf all along. This smol bean (new nickname in case u wanna know) must have been preoccupied with the things right in front of her desk that she failed to notice the very thing that’s been dwelling right inside her for a long time. Family, friends, foes, or whoever you are! As you read these words you are on your way to finding out my first love. This is not a drill! And since it’s not in my blood to keep you waiting (really?)

My first love…

M u s i c

Yes. Music. Not some breathing git. If you think the title is a click-bait, it’s definitely not. MUSIC REALLY IS MY FIRST LOVE. Huzzah! So here it is! Blogpost #3 is for my first love, Music! *clap clap clap*

Featuring me!

Music is…

1. A magic carpet ride

Music. It’s a whole new world. It’s about soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky. If that’s how we feel when we are reading, it’s no different with music. That’s when lyrics are not just mere words simply written together. They’d morph as a carpet that would carry you to the direction of the winds, to venture another realm, to take you wonder by wonder! We don’t even need to find a Genie to make this happen. Just plug the earphones (or whatever you have) and you’re off to another world. Your world!

“Honey you should see me in a crown”

2. A pill of emotions

Happy? Sad? Angry? In love? Brokenhearted? Name it all! Dr. Music will always have something to prescribe. It can shut your eyes with a dose of lullabies it’ll drop to your ears, could make you jump on an imaginary trampoline with a dose of pop, could calm your nerves or cause you to cry an ocean with a dose of ballads or would suddenly make you do an intense head bang with a dose of rock and roll. In music, lyricist mixes and blends words needed to make a potion carefully brewed by the composer. And in a simple swish and flick, ta-da! There you have the pill! So go and take it muggle. Be grateful!

DO NOT get in the way!

3. A rope that binds different souls together

Have you ever been on a situation where you heard someone humming or singing a song and all of a sudden you find yourself singing all along? Or sang together with your classmates with a guitar and a beat box inside the room when teachers are missing in action? (Aww good old times) That’s another music miracle! It creates a link. It is a rope that would bind separate souls into one. I must say it’s amusing to be in a sea of people brought together into a single place during concerts. It’s a moment to see thousands of lights that would glitter in darkness, hands waving in every direction to sing with people in every corner, strangers to one another but not to music. All of us may be dissimilar but music will be our common denominator. I think this is the right moment to say the adage “Music makes one”. You can’t even stop your enemy from singing your favorite song. HA!

I am unstoppable.

4. A sticky gum to the brain

This is kinda similar to number three (but not so). If someone starts to sing or hum a song and the system of your brain will input it to your long-term memory then you would be singing like a broken record for hours or days or weeks or months, probably. Even if you get to hear a song for the first time but it has the power to hook you with its melody, you’ll be waving a white flag soon. This is a usual case, we all know that. And if you haven’t been like this like never ever in your whole existence then I don’t know what you’ve been doing in your entire life.

This is all i can say.

5. Breaks down barriers between languages

Fluency to a language won’t matter to music. We should not make our differences an excuse to not love music from other countries, to speak ill even. Understanding is not a prerequisite to feeling something. Music has its own way of getting inside a person’s heart and whatever blocks you are trying to pile to build a wall in between, music will break it all down to dust. Fabulous music!

“I actually used a gum (plus diamond, okay) to break this glass. So, are we cool to say that music is a gum (#4) capable of taking down barriers (#5)?”

6. A nostalgia-carrier

Who would not agree with this? One music could bring the memories of past under your nose. It will give you the – how do the millennial call it? – the feels! Maybe when you had a happy memory? Remembering the good old times? Or the first time you fell in love? The days you’ve spent together? Or maybe the first time you had your heart broken? HA! DJ Music is one call away! It can make the wind of today carry the smell of yesterday. You gotta admit this: There’s a point in your life when a certain song passes through your ears – in a momentous event that should be treasured in a time capsule which you might not have – you will learn to like that song even if it’s not your kind of music and IF you’ve never had this kind of feeling AGAIN, LIKE NEVER EVER….


7. Makes you think. And think. And think. And think again.

Listening to music is like diving into the deepest part of the ocean and discovering things you haven’t discovered. You will eventually forget what’s above, even the rays of the sun shining deep down below. Your mind will be drowned and you will be devoured by endless thoughts. It would make you think over a thing again and again. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been like this, though. Or maybe you didn’t realize that feeling until now?


Fun fact: I had a hard time wrapping up this blogpost but when I listened to music for an hour or more, I’ve absorbed the right ideas and then bam! Ta-da! You are reading it now.



So that’s it! I really want to do music in the future to be honest. It has always been my dream to sit inside a studio, write music and do anything I want with it! A music that would not just pass through the ears of many people but would make its way straight to their hearts and minds. It’s an outlet to extract my inner self. I don’t know if the same goes for you. This may be my first love but I don’t need to guard it as how you would guard yours. Music is for all of us!

P.S. And oh! I hope Moriarty didn’t chafe you! He’s been threatening to burn the heart out of me if i won’t feature him on this blogpost. Don’t worry, i won’t let him again (maybe)



Point to Ponder

Music fuels the world with a touch of magic enchanted to every song – to touch hearts and unite souls. You don’t have to hit the right notes or belt octaves to feel it. You just have to let it take over the mood and feel it deep down inside.



What is music in your life? A passerby? A guest? Or a part of you? What is your own definition of music?


Please do share your thoughts in the comment section and click the eensy-weensy star if you like this blogpost. Many thanks from me to you! ๐Ÿ’–


3 thoughts on “Blogpost #3: An Appreciation Post To My First Love REVEALED (ft. Moriarty)

  1. This blogpost make me so happy! I absolutely love the 6th point . Music to me is a cure and entertainment. I Have songs associated with books and memories which makes them even more emotional when I listen to them. I hope your dreams come true!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad i made you happy, Muski! Yes you got it! Music really is a cure and entertainment. That’s a great point of view. Thanks for reading this blogpost and for sharing your thoughts, i’m so happy i’m gonna cry! Kidding haha! Luvya ๐Ÿ˜˜


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