The Veil of Sadness and the Aid of Care

Sadness. It comes in many shapes, has different languages.

Human as we are, sadness is inevitable. In the very long sentence of our existence, there will always be a point in our lives where we get to feel lonely, down or gloomy. And it is bound to happen not just once but twice, thrice and again and again as long as we are residing in this world. It is a feeling that would lurk deep inside a person’s veins that sometimes it will be too hard for you to detect (even if you make that person pass a detector back and forth).

A person who flashes the best smile may have kept loneliness inside. The one who laughs out loud even on little things may have cried hard in silence. He who is good at cracking jokes might be unable to crack his emotions. You see? These are the usual possibilities we’ve come to know. Sounds cliché but still overlooked. So many people are wearing veil to hide what they truly feel. How can we see through them?

OPTION ONE. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul so should we do an eye fight first to get a chance to peep through and process their emotions in our minds or to tell if they are lonely?

OPTION TWO. Should we train ourselves to be telepathic like Professor X so we could understand what’s going on in everybody’s mind? We could also get a cerebro (or shave our head too?)

OPTION THREE. Consult Sherlock. This might be the best option (no arguments needed) but would you really go this far? Just asking haha

Oh my! Let me just praise his looks.

(If you picked an option then good luck. All the best!)

I’m actually not really sure myself. Some people are just so good at wearing a disguise. And we know better that the best disguise of all times is a SMILE (why do I feel like right on this part, ‘smile’ is smirking at me 🤔 anyway, I feel sad for smile to be falsely used in many occasions).

An open letter to Smile:

Dear Smile,

Why are you deceiving? I bet you deceived a lot of people more than those people who’ve gathered courage to deceive others heh! I demand an acceptable answer! It’s not right to play with emotions.

With much curiosity,

Philosophia 🐧

It’s such a sad reality that not everything before us is the truth. And sadness knows how to play hide and seek very well. For that reason ladies and gents, we must learn how to connect with others. We may not be aware of a person’s real emotions but we can give them a touch of our kindness so that in our own little ways we could brighten up their hearts that might be clouded by darkness already.

Down below, i jotted three things that I think are essential in carving curves into the faces of the people around us. We dunno, it might be out of our knowledge that we already moved someone’s heart. *wink wink*

RELATE. It’s not easy, wandering with a heavy cloud storming above our heads. So we can then say that it will not be easy for others as well. That’s one connection. Even though we have differences, we can still relate to each other in many ways. The moment we began to build a certain bond with another person, we became a part of them and vice versa which fills the spaces and gaps between us. If you think a tiny drop of sadness begins to pat a person, you better wipe it right away before other drops come after and worst case scenario – that person will be drenched of melancholy. Not too late to save the person but expect that it will be harder to let his emotions get dry.

TALK. We can also say kind words everyday. Even a simple greeting could give a warm feeling. We can ask how their day is going or if they’re doing fine or say any words that could lift a spirit up just so we can make them feel their importance and that even if they think that the world is falling down before them, someone will always be at their back, ready to be leaned on. I think it’s not a hard job to utter such words, right? Don’t worry, it won’t cost all of your sweat or drain all of your blood to say those things. As long as we do it sincerely, perfecto! It would seem like a regular, plain thing to do but at least you made them feel special. *wink wink for yourself*

ACT. I know some people are not good with words and they choose not to be vocal. Easy-peasy. Go with actions! They say hands possess a certain power to heal. And I must say that’s true! A simple pat in the back is another language of saying ‘It’s okay’. A simple hug is another language of saying ‘I am here’. Even a simple wave of the hand means you are glad to see that person. Can you imagine how hands could effortlessly ease a person? More magical than wands. More powerful than your armpit (Oh sorry! I’m at it again. Kidding! Just wanna break the ice hoho! Lemme scratch that out)




Relate. Talk. Act. Yeah I know they’re very basic but i also know just a few would care to do this everyday. Sooo do you think you’ve done these things already? If yes, KEEP GOING! If not yet, THEN DUDE I’M TELLING YOU TO MAKE A MOVE and just be cool about it!



Point to Ponder

We can do special things in our own little ways and we can spread love that could conquer all negativities fumed around us. REMEMBER, that smile could be a mask of sadness. That laugh could be a mask of the hours that person spent for crying. Those eyes might be wearing the curtain of happiness to shut you from seeing through sadness. Don’t underestimate a little sadness. Yes it’s a natural feeling but it’s a dose of emotion needed to be controlled. You need not to ask someone if they’re lonely so you could cheer them up. Sad or not, always be ready to show some care. To show that you are always there.

Care. It also comes in many shapes – has different languages.



Have you ever shown your utmost care to the people around you? Do you feel just obliged or do you show it because it’s what your heart truly says? What are your ways of showing it?



2 thoughts on “The Veil of Sadness and the Aid of Care

  1. I’d definitely read this whenever I’m down (glad im not, at the moment 😅).

    Of course, I think all of us had showed care to others. Even the baddest of them all has a soft spot in his heart too. As for me, I guess I prefer showing my care through actions. I really am not a fan of cheesy messages and I don’t think I can ever pull it off. Idk, I just feel like actions mean a lot more? Coz it’s easy to formulate witty (& cheesy) speeches but it’s quite hard to actually act it out. But disclaimer: I don’t show my care (or affection) a lot through actions too 😅. I really am just the type of a girl who prefers to zip her mouth and sit in silence hoping you’d get all the love waves I’m sending you LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lyc! Glad to know u would read this again some time. But don’t stress yourself too much okay? Let’s be happy as long as we can! I completely understand that it could be awkward haha but i think we just have to do it in a simple way, yes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear friend! Love you 😘❤

      Liked by 1 person

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